#KnowTheIssues: More jobs, please!

Nigeria might have experienced strong economic growth between 2010-2015, but job creation did not keep up. Hence, unemployment and underemployment remain major problems, especially among young people.

In 2017, 23 million of Naija's youth, aged between 15 and 35, were either unemployed or underemployed. By 2030, this number could reach 91 million! In other to avert this, Nigeria needs to create 3.5 million quality jobs every year.

The challenges

There are many factors hindering entrepreneurial development and job creation in Nigeria. These include:

  • Poor quality of education
  • Challenging business environment
  • Lack of access to finance
  • Access to credit

There is a need to prioritize adequate investment in the Nigerian youth, thereby making them a powerful force for socio-economic development.

Sign the Youth Declaration to vote for the future you want to see for Nigeria!

Do you know how to solve the problem? Share your advice in the comments below!

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Isah Sadiq 1 week ago:
The things Is our leaders only care for themselves.... talking about free education hmmm only Gov know if it will work cos corruption is down to the grass root..
olashubomi Kenneth 1 week ago:
about that. government should try to give free education for starters..and try to loan money for farmers
Moderator 1 week ago:
Thank you. Yes, low-interest loans will help to address the challenge of inadequate funding
OLAOLUWA 1 week ago:
goal keeper is a angle